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Products Information

Product License
  • In Malaysia, in order to protect the regular edition DVD, a serial seal and seal license will be issued by the Malaysia government (authorized by National Film Development Corporation and Domestic Trade, Co-operative, Consumerism Malaysia). All products are required to attach both seal to product package.
Old Version Holographic Sticker New Version Holographic Sticker
  • The design of Holographic Sticker with serial number is changed by year of publication for anti-counterfeiting purposes.
Old Version Serial Seal New Version Serial Seal
  • Serial Seal shall include following informaiton i.e. Manufacturer, commodity title and volume. Serial Number will be the number of each and every product with same title.
Region Code and Image Quality
Region Code : ALL Region Code    
Video Format : NTSC    
* Please note that some products with high compression (two-layer) DVD9, image quality might be inferior compare with other.
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